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System and method for manufacturing a face seal with controlled load tolerance
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1. A system for manufacturing a face seal, the face sealing including a sealing ring having a seal flange and an inner body portion, the face seal further including an elastomeric load ring positioned around an outer perimeter of the inner body portion of the sealing ring, the system comprising:
a support member configured to support the face seal;
a machining device movable relative to the support member to a machining position at which the face seal is compressed between a machining surface of the machining device and the support member, the machining device being configured to remove material from the seal flange while being maintained at the machining position;
a load sensor configured to monitor a compressive load being applied through the face seal as material is being removed from the seal flange using the machining device,
wherein the operation of the machining device is configured to be adjusted when the monitored compressive load is equal to a predetermined load setting to prevent further removal of material from the seal flange.