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Methods for laser processing transparent workpieces using pulsed laser beam focal lines and vapor etching
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1. A method for processing a transparent workpiece, the method comprising:
directing a pulsed laser beam through an optical system and into the transparent workpiece such that a portion of the pulsed laser beam directed into the transparent workpiece generates an induced absorption within the transparent workpiece, the induced absorption producing a plurality of defects within the transparent workpiece thereby forming a damage line in the transparent workpiece that extends from a first surface of the transparent workpiece through at least a portion of a thickness of the transparent workpiece, the portion of the pulsed laser beam directed into the transparent workpiece comprising:
a wavelength λ;
a spot size w0; and
a Raleigh range ZR that is greater than

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where FD is a dimensionless divergence factor comprising a value of 10 or greater; and
etching the transparent workpiece with an etching vapor to remove at least a portion of the transparent workpiece along the damage line, thereby forming an aperture extending through the at least a portion of the thickness of the transparent workpiece.