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Turret tool post
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1. A turret tool post comprising:
a turnable sleeve comprising an outer circumference wall having an outer circumference surface and an inner surface, wherein a plurality of first machining tools configured for machining a workpiece are mounted on the outer circumference surface, the turnable sleeve configured to turn for selecting any one of the first machining tools; and
a non turnable housing positioned inside the turnable sleeve within the inner surface of the turnable sleeve, the non-turnable housing being fixed in position and unturnable with respect to the turret tool post, wherein a machining body of a second machining tool extends in the non-turnable housing and is mounted to the non-turnable housing, the machining body configured to machine the workpiece, the second machining tool being a separate machining tool from the first machining tools,
wherein the turnable sleeve comprises an opening, the turnable sleeve configured to turn to a predetermined to position the opening relative to the machining body for the machining body to directly face the workpiece through the opening for the machining body to machine the workpiece.