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Laser cleaning apparatus and laser cleaning method
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1. A laser cleaning apparatus for cleaning a test piece, comprising:
a laser module for providing a laser beam;
a laser beam regulating module including an energy compensator and a divergence angle optimizer, wherein
the divergence angle optimizer is configured for adjusting the laser beam into a collimated laser beam, and
the energy compensator is configured for compensating laser energy required by the laser beam based on a cleaning location of the test piece to form a compensated laser beam;
a wavelength switcher for switching a wavelength of the laser beam in accordance with process requirements;
at least an optical element for guiding the laser beam provided by the laser module to pass through at least one of the energy compensator and the divergence angle optimizer; and
an optical path propagating module and a nozzle with an opening disposed in a machine, wherein
the optical path propagating module is connected with a light guide arm for guiding the laser beam to pass through the opening of the nozzle to form a stabilized laser beam with a stable laser energy that aims at the cleaning location of the test piece inside a wafer prober for cleaning the test piece.