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Lateral cavity acoustic transducer (LCAT) for shear-induced cell transfection
Abraham P. Lee, Irvine, CA (US); Mohammad Aghaamoo, Irvine, CA (US); Xuan Li, Irvine, CA (US); Neha Garg, Irvine, CA (US); and Yu-Hsi Chen, Irvine, CA (US)
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1. A system (100) for intracellular delivery of an exogenous material, the system comprising:
a. a microfluidic platform (110) comprising a main microfluidic channel (120), and one or more lateral cavity acoustic transducers (LCATs) (130), wherein the one or more LCATs (130) are dead-end side channels coupled to the main microfluidic channel (120), wherein the microfluidic platform (110) is coupled to an external acoustic source (140); and
b. a fluid (150) disposed through the main microfluidic channel (120), said fluid (150) comprising a cell (160) and an exogenous material (170), wherein the fluid (150) intersects the LCATs (130) to form one or more gas-liquid interfaces (180);
wherein the LCATs (130) are configured to oscillate the gas-liquid interfaces (160) to produce a plurality of microstreaming vortices (190), and wherein the vortices (190) trap cells (160) and exogenous material (170) therein, thereby shear-inducing mechanical deformation of the cells (160), and allowing for delivery of the exogenous material (170) into the cell (160); and
wherein the shear-induced mechanical deformation is configured to deform the cell membrane and cause it to be permeable to the exogenous material.