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Resaturation of gas into a liquid feedstream
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1. A method of treating a reactant-lean liquid phase in a process vessel, comprising:
passing the reactant-lean liquid phase and a gas phase co-currently through an exchange layer in the process vessel, wherein the gas phase comprises a reactant; and
diffusing at least some of the reactant from the gas phase into the reactant-lean liquid phase in the exchange layer to form a reactant-rich liquid phase,
wherein the exchange layer comprises a plurality of collector media and a plurality of releaser media, and wherein the collector media comprise porous solid materials capable of collecting the reactant-lean liquid phase within the collector media,
and wherein the releaser media comprise solid materials having a thin film formed on an outer surface thereof that is capable of facilitating contact and diffusion between the reactant-lean liquid phase and the gas phase,
and wherein the thin film is formed on the releaser media during processing as a result of liquid released from the collected liquid phase.