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Pleated filtration apparatus having a filter membrane
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1. A filtration apparatus comprising:
a filter support configurable for in a concurrent configuration providing simultaneous cross-flow filtration and parallel filtration comprising
a central core having a longitudinal axis that is circumscribed by a circular wall wherein the circular wall permits the flow of a substance into or out of the circular wall via one or more wall openings;
a plurality of rigid pleats extending radially from the circular wall, wherein each rigid pleat is comprised of two angled longitudinal walls having openings along each of the two angled longitudinal walls, and wherein each rigid pleat is further comprised of a terminal contact point, and wherein the two angled longitudinal walls enclose a hollow longitudinal channel situated between the two angled longitudinal walls, and wherein the longitudinal channel is in communication with the central core;
a plurality of peripheral channels disposed at a junction between the circular wall and each rigid pleat wherein the plurality of peripheral channels are not in fluid communication with the longitudinal channel of each of the plurality of rigid pleats;
and wherein when configured in a concurrent configuration, a first effluent source enters the plurality of peripheral channels from an input end located at a top-end of the filter to exit at an output end of the filter and a second effluent source enters the filter support laterally through the plurality of longitudinal channels to exit through the central core.