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Curling game apparatus
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1. A curling game apparatus, capable of playing a curling game on a table, comprising:
a main body;
a curling table having a rectangular shape provided on the upper portion of the main body;
an upper plate surface portion provided with a hitting line and a target on the surface of the curling table, the upper plate portion having a longitudinal direction and a lateral direction; and
a cushion bar provided around a perimeter of the upper plate surface portion and an intermediate cushion bar is provided in the middle of the width of the curling table in a longitudinal direction, the cushion bar and intermediate cushion bar being arranged to drive a curling ball to the upper plate surface portion,
wherein the curling ball, formed in the shape of a sphere as a rigid body, is driven on the upper plate surface portion with rotational force and acceleration force at a rotational angle rotating in a direction of any one of up, down, left, right, and diagonal directions around a striking point as a rotational axis when a point of the curling ball is hit as a striking point,
the surface of the upper plate surface portion is formed of flock papers having no fluff to minimize the rotation angle, frictional force, and rotational force of the curling ball,
the cushion bar is formed in an elastic triangle shape to change the driving direction while minimizing the contact surface with the cushion bar in the state of maintaining the rotation angle, rotational force, and acceleration force of the curling ball, and
the intermediate cushion bar is provided with a cushion function on both sides of the intermediate cushion bar,
so that the curling ball, a certain hit point of which is hit at the hitting line to be reflected at the cushion bar and the intermediate cushion bar in the driving process, drives on the upper plate surface portion around the hitting point which is a rotational axis and a center of mass, and move to the target,
and the curling ball moves while minimizing the friction by the rotational force and the acceleration force in the moving process,
thereby performing various attacks and defenses by adjusting the movement path and the impact force adjustment rotation angle of the curling ball in the spherical shape.