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Weight bearing exercise system
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1. An exercise system comprising
an elongate rigid housing that extends from a top end and a bottom end, the bottom end having a base structure for supporting the elongate rigid housing in an upright orientation;
a first pulley system having at least two pulleys rotatably mounted adjacent each other to a fixed position of the elongate rigid housing;
an adjustable mounting mechanism pivotally mounted on the elongate rigid housing;
a second pulley system having at least two pulleys rotatably mounted adjacent each other on the adjustable mounting mechanism so that the second pulley system can be moved relative to the first pulley system, thereby adjusting a distance between the first pulley system and the second pulley system;
an elongate extension arm having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end being mounted via a pivot to the elongate rigid housing;
an arm pulley rotatably mounted on the distal end of the elongate extension arm;
an elastic cord having an anchor end fixedly attached to the rigid housing, the elastic cord extending back and forth between the first and second pulley systems, around each of the at least two pulleys of each of the first and second pulley systems, before extending out and around the arm pulley of the elongate extension arm, and to a free end that may be used for performing exercises; and
wherein adjustment of the adjustable mounting mechanism adjusts a resistance of the elastic cord.