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Respirator negative pressure fit check devices and methods
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1. A respiratory mask, comprising:
a mask body defining a breathable air zone for a wearer and having one or more inlet ports configured to receive one or more breathing air source components, wherein the mask body further comprises a fluid intake communication component configured to provide fluid communication between an inlet port of the one or more inlet ports and an opening defined within the mask body; and
a shut-off valve operable between a closed position and an open position, wherein the shut-off valve comprises a sealing pad configured to block the opening, when the shut-off valve is in the closed position, to prevent fluid communication between the one or more inlet ports and the breathable air zone;
wherein the shut-off valve includes an actuator, wherein the shut-off valve forms a seal with the mask body, to prevent airflow through a shut-off valve opening defined by the mask body, in both the closed and open positions of the shut-off valve, the actuator formed of a flange and a span extending from the flange, the span exhibiting varying thickness such that the actuator is configured to provide tactile feedback in response to an applied force placed on the actuator when operated from the open position to the closed position.