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Methods and systems for detecting atrial contraction timing fiducials within a search window from a ventricularly implanted leadless cardiac pacemaker
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1. A leadless cardiac pacemaker (LCP) configured to sense cardiac activity and to deliver pacing therapy to a ventricle of a patient's heart, the LCP comprising:
a housing;
a first electrode secured relative to the housing and exposed to the environment outside of the housing;
a second electrode secured relative to the housing and exposed to the environment outside of the housing;
a sensing module secured relative to the housing and responsive to the environment outside of the housing, the sensing module including a pressure measurement module and an electrogram measurement module;
a control module operatively coupled to the first electrode, the second electrode, and the sensing module, the control module is configured to:
identify a window of time during each of one or more cardiac cycles, wherein the window of time has a duration that is less than an entire cardiac cycle;
process information gathered during the window of time by the pressure measurement module and the electrogram measurement module to identify an atrial event of the patient's heart during a cardiac cycle, wherein a p-wave signal detecting an atrial activation by the electrogram measurement module is given a higher priority than a pressure signal detecting an atrial kick by the pressure measurement module; and
deliver a ventricular pacing pulse to the patient's heart via the first electrode and the second electrode, wherein the ventricular pacing pulse is delivered at a time that is based, at least in part, on the identified atrial event.