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Implantable encapsulation devices
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1. An implantable encapsulation device comprising:
a plurality of containment tubes interconnected by connection members, each said containment tube having a first access port at a first end thereof and a second access port at a second end thereof, and
a removable manifold fluidly connected to said containment tubes at said first end,
wherein said containment tubes are substantially parallel to each other along a length of said device,
wherein said containment tubes comprise a porous composite material including:
an outer porous polymeric layer that permits ingrowth of vascular tissue; and
an inner polymeric layer disposed adjacent to said outer porous polymeric layer, said inner polymeric layer being impervious to cellular or vascular ingrowth,
wherein said connection members are periodically spaced along a length of said containment tubes a distance from each other, and
wherein said plurality of containment tubes are fluidly interconnected by said connection members.