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Gas sensing apparatus
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1. An apparatus configured to facilitate monitoring of gas in a therapeutic gas delivery system with a catalytic sensor; the gas delivery system comprising a pressure generator having an inlet and an outlet, and a gas delivery flow path configured to communicate the gas between the pressure generator and a subject; the apparatus comprising:
a receiver body configured to receive the catalytic sensor such that the catalytic sensor removably couples with the receiver body, the receiver body located outside the gas delivery flow path;
a delivery port formed by the receiver body configured to receive a portion of gas obtained from the gas delivery system that has passed through the pressure generator outlet and guide the received portion of gas through the catalytic sensor; and
a return port formed by the receiver body configured to exhaust the received portion of gas guided through the catalytic sensor from the receiver body, the return port coupled to the gas delivery system such that the exhausted gas is returned to the gas delivery system through the pressure generator inlet without flowing through the gas delivery flow path.