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Protective cover for a dental syringe needle
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1. A protective dental needle, comprising:
a sheath comprising a cylindrical body with at least two channels oriented along a length dimension of the cylindrical body, the sheath extending from an open syringe end to an end with a needle opening;
a needle assembly comprising a hypodermic needle extending through a hub, the needle assembly retained within the sheath and movable within the sheath between a retracted position and an extended position, wherein a portion of the hypodermic needle extends through the needle opening when the needle assembly is in the extended position;
a needle cap positioned coaxially external to the sheath about the end with the needle opening, the needle cap having a plurality of longitudinal ribs extending from an interior surface of the needle cap to engage the sheath, wherein the needle cap engages the sheath with a friction fit between the longitudinal ribs of the needle cap and the cylindrical body of the sheath, and the needle cap is rotatable relative to the sheath about a common axis of the sheath and the needle cap; and
a hub cap positioned coaxially external to the sheath about the open syringe end, wherein the hub cap and the needle cap engage to form a capsule about the sheath and the needle assembly;
wherein rotation of the needle cap relative to the sheath successively moves each longitudinal rib of the plurality of longitudinal ribs into and then out of the at least two channels of the cylindrical body.