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Double-lumen infusion catheter with infusion lumen widened along intermediate section thereof
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1. A double-lumen infusion catheter comprising:
a shaft comprising a proximal section, a distal section, and an intermediate section therebetween;
a first lumen and a second lumen extending along a length of said shaft and having an arc shaped wall therebetween; and
an inflatable member provided distally to said intermediate section, and over said distal section;
said first lumen has a cross section larger than a cross section of said second lumen and is configured to receive a guidewire therethrough and to allow fluid flow via an unobstructed portion of said first lumen, said unobstructed portion is formed along an outer surface of said guidewire, between said guidewire outer surface and an inner wall of said first lumen, and extends from an infusion inlet at a proximal end of said intermediate section to an infusion outlet at a distal end of said intermediate section;
wherein said first lumen is narrowed to approximate a first diameter in said proximal section and along an entire length of said distal section, and is widened to approximate a second diameter greater than said first diameter in said shaft intermediate section,
and wherein said infusion inlet comprises a proximal connector that is configured to allow selective introduction of a fluid into said first lumen.