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Cartilage-derived implants and methods of making and using same
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1. A cartilage-derived implant for treating a cartilage defect of cartilage, said implant being shapeable and comprising:
a plurality of milled lyophilized cartilage particles having a size not greater than 1 millimeter and a reduced water content of from 0.1 to 8.0%, by weight based on the weight of the plurality of lyophilized cartilage particles; and
a plurality of cartilage fibers which are elongated curled pieces of cartilage tissue, each having three or more laterally oriented striations,
wherein the striations of the cartilage fibers enable the cartilage fibers to entangle with one another to a greater degree than cartilage fibers without such striations and form the implant which retains its shape until reshaped and conforms to and completely fills the cartilage defect when implanted in the cartilage defect.