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Compositions and associated methods for radioisotope-binding microparticles
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1. A method of preparing an embolic microsphere, comprising:
fabricating a microsphere comprising a polymerized monomer and a chelating agent, wherein the chelating agent comprises a compound of Formula I:

OG Complex Work Unit Chemistry
wherein n is between 1 and 18, inclusive;
Xa and Xb each are independently O, S or N; and
R is alkyl or H,
wherein the chelating agent is configured to chelate a radioisotope, wherein the monomer comprises at least one of an acrylate, acrylamide, or acrylic monomer, wherein the microsphere comprises a diameter ranging from about 1 micrometer to about 2000 micrometers, and wherein the microsphere is non-biodegradable and suitable for embolization wherein the microsphere comprises between about 1% and about 20% by weight of chelating agent.