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1. A method of treating a hypogonadal male comprising orally administering to the male twice-daily a composition comprising a capsule and a semi-solid formulation encased within the capsule, the formulation comprising:
a) 20-25 percent by weight of testosterone undecanoate (TU),
b) 10-21 percent by weight of hydrophilic surfactant, and
c) 48-70 percent by weight of lipophilic carrier selected from lipophilic surfactant, triglycerides, or Vitamin E compounds,
wherein the formulation in the capsule administered twice daily comprises about 120 mg to about 400 mg of TU, and wherein the composition, when orally administered to a plurality of hypogonadal males provides, a mean plasma concentration of testosterone at steady state of between 300 ng/dL and 1000 ng/dL in at least 75% of the males, a plasma Cmax concentration of testosterone less than 1800 ng/dL in at least 95% of males, less than 1500 ng/dL in at least 85% of males, and less than 2500 ng/dL in all males.