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Patient support apparatus with handles for patient ambulation
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1. A patient support apparatus for use in ambulating a patient to a floor surface, said patient support apparatus comprising:
a base;
a patient support deck operatively attached to said base and having a seat section, a leg section, and a pair of foot sections, said patient support deck being operable between:
a bed configuration where said seat section, said leg section, and each of said foot sections cooperate to support the patient in a flat position, and
a chair configuration where said seat section supports the patient in a seated position, where said leg section is articulated adjacent to the floor surface, and where said foot sections are articulated relative to said leg section out of support of the patient; and
a handle to facilitate patient ambulation, said handle being coupled to one of said foot sections of said patient support deck with said handle being arranged to facilitate patient ambulation when said patient support deck is in said chair configuration.