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Patient support apparatuses with navigation and guidance systems
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1. A patient support apparatus system comprising:
a server adapted to communicate alerts to mobile electronic devices carried by personnel; and
a patient support apparatus comprising:
a frame;
a plurality of wheels;
a support surface supported by the frame and adapted to support a patient thereon;
a patient presence detector adapted to detect whether or not a patient is present on the support surface;
a wireless transceiver for communicating with the server;
a drive subsystem adapted to operate in an autonomous mode and a manual mode, the patient support apparatus being driven and steered autonomously when in the autonomous mode, and the patient support apparatus being at least steered manually when in the manual mode; and
a control system in communication with the patient presence detector, the drive subsystem, and the wireless transceiver, the control system adapted to transmit to the server a message indicating whether or not the patient is currently present on the support surface or not.