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Ostomy appliance
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1. An ostomy appliance comprising:
a base wafer having an adhesive proximal side configured to be attached to a skin surface around an ostomy of a user and a distal side, and a first opening in the base wafer;
a collecting bag for collecting stomal output comprising a proximal wall connected to a distal wall, an inlet hole located in the proximal wall, and an adhesive flange, with a distal surface of the adhesive flange attached directly to the proximal wall around the inlet hole; and
a coupling comprising a first portion attached to the distal side of the wafer and a second portion attached to the proximal wall of the bag;
wherein the second portion of the coupling is separate from the adhesive flange to form a radial space between the adhesive flange and the second portion of the coupling;
wherein, in use of the ostomy appliance, the adhesive flange of the collecting bag is sized for insertion though the first opening in the base wafer for adhesive engagement with a peristomal skin surface around the ostomy of the user, and the radial space is sized to receive the first portion of the coupling for engagement with the second portion of the coupling to attach to the collecting bag to the base wafer.