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1. An adaptable ostomy base plate that is invertible from a storage configuration to a use configuration, the adaptable ostomy base plate comprising:
a film having a distal surface that defines a distal side of the base plate, a first section defining a central area of the ostomy base plate, and a second section;
a first adhesive on a proximal surface of said film, where the first adhesive forms a proximal side of the base plate;
a stoma-receiving through-going hole defining an inner boundary in said first section, said first section being adjacent to and extending radially from said through-going hole and said second section surrounding said first section and defining an outer boundary of the ostomy base plate;
a release liner removably applied to said first adhesive;
wherein the first adhesive and the proximal side of the base plate each has a substantially convex shape in the storage configuration for engagement with a peristomal skin surface;
wherein said second section of the ostomy base plate includes a plurality of petals extending away from the central area of said first section; and a plurality of bridges, each bridge formed between one petal and an adjacent petal of the plurality of petals; and
a reinforcing structure comprising an inner radial periphery and an outer radial periphery, with the outer radial periphery of the reinforcing structure attached to the distal surface of the film and the inner radial periphery of the reinforcing structure unattached to the distal surface of the film;
wherein, when the base plate is inverted from the storage configuration to the use configuration, the substantially convex shape of the first adhesive and the proximal side of the base plate inverts to a substantially concave shape and the inner radial periphery of the reinforcing structure contacts the distal surface of the film to stabilize the base plate in the use configuration.