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Joint surface replacement system
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1. An articular surface replacement component sized and configured to be implanted into an end of a first bone comprising:
an exterior articular surface defined by a convex head piece dimensioned to cover the end of the first bone, the convex head piece having an interior convex surface, an exterior convex surface, and an outer periphery having a peripheral edge connecting the interior and exterior convex surfaces;
a plurality of scalloped anti-rotation bone grips in the peripheral edge of the convex head piece for gripping the end of the first bone and allowing solid fixation thereto;
a centrally located stem extending from the convex head piece; and
a plurality of threads extending around the stem,
wherein the interior surface of the convex head piece is a smooth contiguous surface area, the scalloped anti-rotation bone grips residing only in and around the peripheral edge of the convex head piece and at interior surface of the convex head piece, whereby portions of the smooth contiguous surface area of the interior surface resides between adjacent scalloped anti-rotation bone grips,
wherein the articular surface replacement component comprises a metatarsal component and the first bone comprises a metatarsal bone.