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Combination ultrasonic and electrosurgical instrument having ultrasonic waveguide with distal overmold member
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1. A surgical instrument comprising:
(a) an ultrasonic transducer;
(b) a shaft extending distally relative to the ultrasonic transducer along a longitudinal shaft axis;
(c) a waveguide acoustically coupled with the ultrasonic transducer and extending distally through the shaft, wherein the waveguide has a distal nodal flange at a distal-most acoustic node;
(d) an end effector arranged at a distal end of the shaft, wherein the end effector includes an ultrasonic blade acoustically coupled with the waveguide, wherein the ultrasonic transducer is operable to drive the waveguide and the ultrasonic blade with ultrasonic energy; and
(e) a nodal support element arranged within a distal portion of the shaft, wherein the nodal support element encircles the waveguide at the distal nodal flange and the distal-most acoustic node thereof, wherein the nodal support element comprises:
(i) a support portion aligned with the distal-most acoustic node and including a plurality of deformable elements, wherein the support portion is configured to engage an inner surface of the shaft and thereby support the waveguide in coaxial alignment with the longitudinal shaft axis such that each of the plurality of deformable elements radially projects perpendicular to the longitudinal shaft axis and is radially aligned with the distal nodal flange,
wherein the plurality of deformable elements define at least one space angularly therebetween about the longitudinal shaft axis,
(ii) a sealing portion extending axially from the support portion, wherein the sealing portion is configured to sealingly engage the inner surface of the shaft and thereby prevent proximal ingress of fluid through the shaft, and
(iii) an outer annular groove longitudinally between the plurality of deformable elements and the sealing portion.