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1. A clot removal device, comprising:
an elongated member configured to be intravascularly positioned at a treatment site within a cerebral blood vessel proximate a thrombus;
a stent having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion, the proximal end portion coupled to a distal end of the elongated member and configured to enmesh the thrombus; and
a self-expanding mesh funnel, the funnel having (a) a proximal end, (b) a proximal opening at the proximal end, the proximal opening configured to slidably receive the elongated member therethrough such that the funnel is moveable relative to the stent, (c) a distal end, (d) a distal opening at the distal end of the funnel, and (e) an interior region extending between the proximal and distal openings that tapers towards the proximal end of the funnel, wherein the funnel comprises an inverted tubular mesh having an exterior mesh wall and an interior mesh wall that are continuous at a folded distal end of the funnel, wherein the funnel is configured to receive at least a portion of the stent through the distal opening and within the interior region, and
a polymer material on the mesh funnel, wherein only a portion of the funnel is covered by the polymer material.