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Rotation knob assemblies and surgical instruments including same
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1. A rotation knob assembly for a surgical instrument, the rotation knob assembly comprising:
an outer knob defining a knob lumen extending longitudinally therethrough and longitudinal apertures disposed in radially spaced relation relative to a distal lumen portion of the knob lumen;
an intermediate collar disposed within the knob lumen, the intermediate collar defining a collar lumen extending longitudinally therethrough;
an inner sleeve disposed within the knob lumen and extending through the collar lumen of the intermediate collar, the inner sleeve including an annular groove defined in an exterior surface thereof;
a retaining clip including a curved body and prongs disposed at opposed ends of the curved body, the curved body disposed within the annular groove of the inner sleeve and the prongs aligned with the longitudinal apertures of the outer knob; and
screws extending through the prongs of the retaining clip and into the longitudinal apertures of the outer knob to secure the outer knob and the inner sleeve with one another such that the outer knob and the inner sleeve are together rotatable relative to the intermediate collar.