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Method of applying a buttress to a surgical stapler end effector
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1. A method of securing a buttress to an end effector, wherein the end effector comprises an upper jaw member and a lower jaw member, the method comprising:
(a) positioning a platform of a buttress applier cartridge between the upper and lower jaw members while the jaw members are in an open configuration such that the buttress applier cartridge is removably received by the end effector, wherein the buttress applier cartridge includes a buttress disposed on the platform and a retainer member that releasably retains the buttress on the platform;
(b) moving one or both of the upper or lower jaw members toward the platform to thereby engage the buttress with the end effector, wherein the retainer member moves away from the buttress and thereby releases the buttress from the platform in response to the act of moving one or both of the jaw members toward the platform;
(c) moving one or both of the upper or lower jaw members away from the platform to thereby remove the buttress from the platform; and
(d) removing the platform from between the upper and lower jaw members such that the buttress remains secured to the end effector.