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Collapsible column movement apparatus for mobile x-ray device
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1. A mobile radiography system comprising:
a transport frame having wheels attached thereto for rollably transporting the system, the transport frame having a housing to enclose at least a portion of the system;
a sectioned vertical column mounted on the transport frame about a vertical axis, the sectioned vertical column comprising:
a base section supported by and attached to the transport frame, the base section remaining vertically stationary with respect to the vertical axis; and
a movable upper section, coupled to the base section, that is movable parallel to the vertical axis relative to the base section;
a boom having a first end movably attached to the movable upper section and extending transversely therefrom, the boom further having an x-ray source attached to a second end thereof opposite the first end, the boom configured to move parallel to the vertical axis and relative to the movable upper section; and
a column cable and pulley system comprising:
a column cable having a first end attached to the boom and a second end attached to the base section;
a floating column pulley within the base section around which the column cable is looped; and
a frame cable and pulley system comprising a frame cable having a first end attached to the floating column pulley and a second end attached to the transport frame.