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Scanned laser vein contrast enhancer using a retro collective mirror
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1. A portable hand-held miniature vein enhancer configured to minimize the effect of ambient light and other noise sources, said miniature vein enhancer comprising: a plurality of lasers each configured to emit a beam of light, said plurality of lasers arranged in a linear array; a retro collective unit comprising: a retro collective mirror and at least one photo detector; said retro collective mirror configured for receiving said beams of light from said plurality of lasers and for transmitting said beams of laser light in a pattern onto a target area, creating differentially absorbed and reflected light at a first wavelength emitted by at least a first portion of said plurality of lasers, forming an image contrast representative of one or more subcutaneous blood vessels and the surrounding tissue; wherein said retro collective unit is further configured to collect light being reflected from the target area substantially in a same direction as transmitted thereto using said at least one photo detector, said at least one photo detector being sensitive to said first wavelength of light to receive said image contrast, said at least one photo detector further configured to output a signal representative of said image contrast; wherein said output signal is used by a second portion of said plurality of lasers to project said image contrast substantially instantaneously with a second wavelength of light, using said retro collective mirror, to be in focus on the target area to reveal the one or more subcutaneous blood vessels, regardless of a distance of said miniature vein enhancer from the target area; and wherein said substantially instantaneous projection of said image contrast is dependent upon only a speed of said photodetector and a speed of said plurality of laser.