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Cleaning apparatus for cleaning surfaces
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1. A cleaning apparatus for cleaning a target surface, the cleaning apparatus comprising:
a cleaning brush comprising:
a stem comprising a first end and a second end,
a handle coupled to the first end of the stem and extending longitudinally from the stem, the handle adapted to be held by a user, and
a cleaning head coupled to the second end of the stem, the cleaning head being greater in width and/or depth than the stem;
an elongated tubular sheath comprising an open end and a closed end, the open end configured with a greater cross-sectional area than the closed end, and the open end configured to allow receipt of the cleaning brush within the elongated tubular sheath; and
a cleaning pad comprising an inner space, the cleaning pad secured to the closed end, wherein upon receipt of the cleaning brush within the elongated tubular sheath from a side of the cleaning head, the cleaning head is accommodated in the inner space by pushing the closed end within the cleaning pad,
wherein the cross-sectional area of the open end is configured to allow the user to hold the handle of the cleaning brush when the cleaning brush is accommodated in the elongated tubular sheath and the cleaning pad, and
wherein the elongated tubular sheath is configured to enclose the hand of the user while cleaning the target surface.