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Rolled sheet material dispenser
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1. A rolled sheet material dispenser, used for dispensing a sheet material on a reel, comprising:
a box defining an accommodating space therein and a dispensing opening communicating with the accommodating space, the box including a cover and a seat, and the accommodating space being disposed between the cover and the seat, the cover having an end edge and a pivot portion adjacent to the end edge, the pivot portion being pivotally connected to a first end portion of the seat to form the dispensing opening between the end edge and the first end portion, the seat being provided with a pair of movable pivot seats adjacent to the first end portion; and
a clamping assembly, including a first clamping member, a second clamping member and at least one elastic member, the first clamping member being a roller, the roller being pivotally connected to the pair of movable pivot seats through a pair of rolling bearings and adjacent to the dispensing opening, the roller being connected with the elastic member so that the roller can be displaced by an elastic force of the elastic member to a clamping position and can be supported by the rolling bearings to clamp the sheet material stably.