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Cooking apparatus
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1. A cooking apparatus, comprising:
a housing having an open top surface and having a cooking space formed therein, the housing being configured to receive a container inserted into the housing, the container having an open top surface to receive food to be cooked therein;
a door provided on a top of the housing to open and close the cooking space; and
a heating unit provided in the housing and configured to contact a bottom surface of the container to heat the container, wherein the heating unit includes:
a heating unit body defining a support surface that supports the container;
a heater provided in the heating unit body; and
at least one rib that extends downward from the heating unit body to prevent water or foreign material from entering between the heating unit and a bottom of the housing, wherein a recess is formed in a bottom surface of the housing at a position corresponding to the at least one rib, and wherein the at least one rib is received in the recess.