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Adjustable bracelet clasp
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1. A bracelet clasp (1), of a deployant buckle type, comprising:
a first strip (2) and a second strip (4) articulated to each other, by a first of their respective ends, such as to be configured to move between a closed position for wear and at least one open position,
wherein said first strip (2) carries a member (20) that is configured to attach a first bracelet strand,
said second strip (4) comprises a loop member (28) at its second end defining a passage for a second bracelet strand, and carrying a stud (30) intended to be inserted into a suitable hole in the second bracelet strand to define an anchoring point thereof to the bracelet clasp (1),
the bracelet clasp (1) further comprising at least one locking member (11) that is configured to hold said first strip (2) and said second strip (4) in their closed position,
said stud (30) is movable with respect to the loop member (28) and includes actuation means (34) that is configured to be actuated such that the stud (30) is able to move between at least two predefined positions associated with a predefined useful bracelet length,
said stud (30) includes a base (31) integral therewith, said base (31) being arranged to move in a housing (32) of the loop member (28), and
the loop member (28) includes an oblong recess (40), said stud (30) passing through said oblong recess (40) and the base (31) coming into contact with the oblong recess (32).