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Overshoe footwear traction device
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1. A footwear traction device removably attachable to an item of footwear, the footwear traction device comprising:
a heel traction portion comprising a support body sized and shaped to at least partially cover a bottom outersole heel of the item of footwear, and one or more traction elements disposed on a bottom surface of the support body for increasing friction between the item of footwear and a ground surface;
a pair of side support portion extending upwardly from each of a medial side and a lateral side of the heel traction portion, each side support portion including an attachment portion having a first cable guide;
an upper support portion having a flexible upper support body extending between the medial side and the lateral side of the footwear traction device and a second attachment portion having a second cable guide, wherein the upper support portion is separated from the heel traction portion;
a cable reel device; and
a cable having a length extending from the cable reel device, through the first cable guide and the second cable guide and tensionably interconnecting the separated upper support portion and heel traction portion, the cable reel device being rotatably operable to adjust the length of the cable to selectively increase tension on the cable to secure and decrease tension on the cable to removably unsecure the footwear traction device to the item of footwear;
wherein when unsecured, the heel traction portion is upwardly movable from the bottom outersole heel to a stowed position against the rearwardly facing surface of the back of the item of footwear above the bottom outersole heel, and the cable reel device is rotatably operable to shorten the length of the cable to snugly position the upper surface of the heel traction portion against the back of the item of footwear.