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Non-slip shoes with webfoot
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1. A non-slip shoe, comprising:
an upper part which covers an instep of a foot;
an insole connected to a lower side of the upper part;
an outsole combined with the insole and the upper part which is supported by a floor, the outsole having a front side and a rear side; and
a webfoot which extends from the front side of the outsole,
wherein the outsole comprises a plurality of suction portions each comprising a cup portion which is in close contact with the floor on an outer circumferential side, and is compressed and provides a suction force;
the outsole further comprises at least one friction portion formed lengthwise from the front side to the rear side;
the friction portion is spaced apart by two friction portions so as to divide a bottom surface of the outsole into three sections;
the suction portion disposed between the two friction portions includes a through hole formed on a center of the cup portion configured to discharge moisture inside to outside; and
the suction portion disposed between one of the friction portions and a side wall of the outsole comprises a protrusion protruding downward from a center of the cup portion.