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Cleaning apparatus using reactive oxidizers
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1. An apparatus for washing a set of objects, the apparatus comprising:
a washing chamber formed from a set of sidewalls extending from an end wall and covered by a lid, wherein:
a set of channels is disposed on the set of sidewalls and extending from the lid towards the end wall, each of the set of channels configured to direct a cleaning liquid from a periphery of the lid to a stream redirection feature at a boundary between the end wall and the set of sidewalls, and
the stream redirection feature is configured to redirect the cleaning liquid at least partially upwardly into the washing chamber; and
a reactive oxidizer (ROX) generator fluidically connected to the washing chamber via a fluid conduit having a distal end that terminates at the lid of the washing chamber, wherein:
the ROX generator is configured to provide reactive oxidizers to a carrier liquid to form the cleaning liquid with ROX cleaning bubbles, and
the cleaning liquid transported through the fluid conduit is sprayed downwardly into the washing chamber from the lid, and the cleaning liquid sprayed through the set of channels is redirected at least partially upwardly into the washing chamber by the stream redirection feature.