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Machine and method for making liquid and semi-liquid products of the ice cream sector
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1. An ice cream machine, comprising:
a batch freezing unit having:
a processing container forming a processing chamber for making an ice cream product;
a stirrer mounted inside the processing chamber;
a motor operatively coupled to the stirrer to drive the stirrer in rotation;
a cooling system including a heat exchanger thermally connected with the processing container, for exchanging heat with the processing container and cooling the processing container;
a receiving unit for receiving and treating a capsule containing a basic preparation for an ice cream product and comprising a seat for loading the capsule;
a first injection device for injecting a dilution liquid, operatively connected with the processing container, for injecting the dilution liquid into the processing container;
a second injection device for injecting an extraction liquid or a mixture containing an extraction liquid, and which is operatively connected with the receiving unit to feed the extraction liquid or the mixture into the capsule to allow extracting the basic preparation from an interior of the capsule, the second injection device being configured and positioned to fluidly connect to a nozzle of the capsule positioned internally of the capsule for injecting the extraction liquid or the mixture containing the extraction liquid into the nozzle;
a duct positioned, in a flow direction of the basic preparation extracted from the capsule, downstream of the receiving unit and upstream of the processing container, to connect the receiving unit to the processing container and guide basic preparation extracted from the capsule into the processing chamber.