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Systems and methods for facilitating seed feeder filling
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1. A method for easy filling a bird feeder, the method comprising:
receiving a depression of a release button on a cap assembly, the cap assembly having a cap base connected to a body at a proximal end using a mount, the body defining a reservoir of the bird feeder, the mount including a lid arm extending proximally along an inner surface of the cap base and releasably connecting a lid to the cap base at a first side in a closed position, the release button being disposed on the lid arm and extending through a releaser opening defined in the cap base, the depression of the release button displacing the lid arm inwardly into a cap opening and away from the cap base, the cap opening providing access to the reservoir;
a disconnecting the lid of the cap assembly from the first side of the cap base in response to the lid arm displacing inwardly upon the depression of the release button;
moving the lid from the closed position to an open position using a bias of a spring assembly upon the release of the lid, the lid moving from the closed position to the open position along a rotation path created by a hinge at a second side of the cap base, the lid held in the open position by the spring bias, the open position providing access to the reservoir through the cap opening; and
receiving birdseed through the cap opening into the reservoir when the lid is in the open position.