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Anthracnose resistant alfalfa plants
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1. A synthetic population of Medicago sativa plants, wherein at least 71% of the plants of said population comprise an introgressed allele conferring to said at least 71% of the plants increased resistance to Colletotrichum trifolii Race 5 compared with a plant not comprising said allele, wherein a representative sample of seed comprising said allele has been deposited under ATCC Accession No. PTA-124210 or under ATCC Accession No. PTA-125043; wherein said allele comprises a marker locus on chromosome 4 selected from the group consisting of FG2208 (SEQ ID NO: 1), FG2218 (SEQ ID NO: 2), FG27062 (SEQ ID NO: 3), FG2226 (SEQ ID NO: 4), FG27232 (SEQ ID NO: 5), FG27251 (SEQ ID NO: 6), and FG27271 (SEQ ID NO: 7).