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System and related methods for monitoring and adjusting actual seed depths during a planting operation
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13. A system for adjusting a seed depth associated with depositing a seed within a furrow in a field during a planting operation of an agricultural implement including a row unit, the system comprising:
a ground engaging tool coupled to a frame of the row unit;
a gauge wheel pivotally coupled to the frame of the row unit;
a seed depth sensor configured to sense a seed depth parameter indicative of a seed depth of the seed relative to a ground surface of the field; and
a controller communicatively coupled to the seed depth sensor, the controller including a processor and associated memory, the memory storing instructions that, when executed by the processor, configure the controller to:
determine the seed depth parameter based on data received from the seed depth sensor, the seed depth parameter being a horizontal distance between the seed and a feature of the furrow;
compare the seed depth parameter to a target seed depth parameter, the target seed depth parameter describing a target seed depth; and
initiate a control action configured to adjust the seed depth parameter towards the target seed depth parameter.