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Managing sleep cycles in a wireless communications system
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1. A method for managing discontinuous reception operation in a communications system wherein the communications system comprises a plurality of wireless terminals each supporting a discontinuous reception operation wherein each wireless terminal discontinuously receives data transmissions, the method comprising:
obtaining discontinuous reception information from each of said wireless terminals wherein the discontinuous reception information of each wireless terminal comprises one or more of: a reception period, a sleep period, a DRX cycle, and a DRX cycle start period associated with that wireless terminal;
generating, based on the obtained discontinuous reception information from each wireless terminal, a discontinuous reception configuration for one or more of said wireless terminals to produce a common reception period for each wireless terminal, such that even when there is no common period between the plurality of wireless terminals during which each of the plurality of wireless terminals can receive a data transmission, reception periods of one or more of the plurality of wireless terminals are aliened to produce the common reception period, wherein the common reception period is a period during which the plurality of wireless terminals are able to receive a data transmission at the same time; and the discontinuous reception configuration comprises modifying one or more of the reception period, the sleep period, the DRX cycle, and the DRX cycle start period of each wireless terminal; and
signaling the discontinuous reception configuration to the one or more wireless terminals to produce the common reception for each wireless terminal.