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Selector device and method of making the same
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1. A device, comprising:
1) A first metal electrode layer;
2) A second metal electrode layer; and
3) a switching layer disposed between the first metal electrode layer and the second metal electrode layer;
the switching layer is a stacked assembly of ABA, BAB, AB or BA, where A is an ion supply layer, and B is a conversion layer;
the ion supply layer comprises a chalcogenide metal material, wherein a metal atomic content of the chalcogenide metal material is more than 0% and less than 50% with respect to the chalcogenide metal material, wherein the ion supply layer is configured to form an unstable conductive filament and accelerate the breakage of the conductive filament to obtain a volatile switching characteristic; and
the conversion layer comprises a chalcogenide material,
wherein an atomic percentage of the ion supply layer is different from that of the conversion layer,
wherein the chalcogenide metal material of the ion supply layer is AgSx, CuSx, or a mixture thereof, or AgSx, or CuSx doped with a metal, or a mixture thereof.