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Display device and fabrication method thereof
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1. A method for fabricating a display device, comprising:
forming a display configured to emit light for displaying an image; and
forming a microlens array including a refractive index conversion layer, in which a refractive index varies from region to region, on the display,
wherein forming the microlens array comprises:
forming a lower electrode, made of a transparent conductive material, on the display;
coating the lower electrode with a mixture layer in which UV-curable monomers and liquid crystal molecules are mixed;
forming an upper electrode, made of a same material as the lower electrode, on the mixture layer; and
arranging a mask on the upper electrode and radiating ultraviolet light to the mixture layer, thereby forming the refractive index conversion layer including a polymer network, crosslinked by the ultraviolet light, and the liquid crystal molecules interacting with the polymer network.