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Integrated light-emitting device and fabricating method thereof
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1. An integrated light-emitting device, comprising: a first electrode, an insulating layer, a second electrode, a light-emitting layer, and a third electrode which are sequentially laminated;
wherein the first electrode, the insulating layer, the second electrode, and the third electrode together constitute a field effect transistor unit, and the first electrode, the second electrode and the third electrode are respectively a gate, a source and a drain of the field effect transistor unit, and a surface of the insulating layer adjacent to the second electrode is provided with a nano-pit array structure formed by removing a remaining SiO2 and etching the insulating layer, and the nano-pit array structure is configured for condensing light and is concaved toward inside of the insulating layer; and
the second electrode, the light-emitting layer and the third electrode together constitute a light-emitting unit, the light-emitting unit being configured to emit light toward the first electrode along the second electrode.