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Telescoping cabinet rail
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a first rail having a first length and a first end and including a first track, the first track including a slot;
a second rail having a second length and a second end; and
a first fastener comprising a screw and a nut, the nut having a first flat and a second flat disposed between a first face and a second face, the first fastener being configured to join the first rail to the second rail,
wherein the first flat slides along a first edge of the slot and the second flat slides along a second edge of the slot when the first rail is moved with respect to the second rail and the first fastener, and wherein movement of the first rail with respect to the second rail is hindered when the screw is tightened and binds the first rail against the second rail with the first flat acting against the first edge and the second flat acting against the second edge to inhibit rotation of the nut.