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Connection structure and electronic device using the same
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1. A connection structure, comprising:
an action unit, being slidably disposed on an inner surface of a first plate, wherein the first plate is provided with a plurality of first holes thereon, and the action unit comprising:
a first board, being provided with an opening thereon, and at least one first connection portion being set on a first edge of the opening;
a plurality of latch members, being disposed on the first board, and each said latch member having a latch head passing through said first hole so as to be exposed out of the first plate;
at least one first elastic member, being connected to the first connection portion by a first end thereof, so as to be disposed within the opening; and
a pressing member, being connected to a front side of the first board, and a pressing head of the pressing member being exposed out of the first plate; and
an assist unit, being fixed on the inner surface of the first plate so as to be positioned within the opening, wherein the assist unit comprises a second board provided with at least one second connection portion thereon, and the first elastic member being connected to the second connection portion by a second end thereof;
wherein after making the plurality of latch members be correspondingly engaged with a plurality of latch holes of a second plate, the first plate being connected with the second plate;
wherein in case the first plate is connected with the second plate, the first board is subject to an action force provided by the first elastic member, so as to be positioned at a first position;
wherein after applying a force to the pressing head of the pressing member so as to push the first board to slide from the first position to a second position, each said latch member not engaging with said latch hole, such that the first plate is allowed to be separated from the second plate;
wherein after the first plate is separated from the second plate, applying the force to the pressing head of the pressing member again triggering the first elastic member to provide the action force to the first board, such that the first board is pushed to slide back to the first position.