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Electronic control device
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1. An electronic control device comprising:
a casing which is provided with an opening and which stores therein a printed-circuit board; and
a cover that blocks off the opening of the casing,
wherein an outer circumferential edge of the cover is fastened so as to be laid over on an edge of the opening of the casing and so as to be aligned with each other,
wherein the casing comprises a casing-side contact surface that is in contact with an end of the printed-circuit board at an internal side relative to the edge of the opening of the casing,
wherein the cover comprises a cover-side contact surface that holds the end of the printed-circuit board together with the casing-side contact surface by being in contact with the end of the printed-circuit board,
wherein, in the printed-circuit board, a held portion held between the casing-side contact surface and the cover-side contact surface is provided with a through-hole via.