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Rate matching for wideband carrier operation in NR-U
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1. A method of receiving or transmitting, in a first node operable in a wireless communication network, a data transmission over unlicensed spectrum having a listen-before-talk (LBT) access requirement, the method comprising:
receiving, from a second node, a control message allocating a plurality of radio resources in a wideband bandwidth part for use in at least one data channel, wherein the wideband bandwidth part is divided into a plurality of bandwidth pieces, wherein each of the plurality of bandwidth pieces is associated with a separate LBT procedure;
receiving or transmitting, from or to the second node, the data transmission using radio resources corresponding to at least one of the plurality of bandwidth pieces where an LBT procedure indicates the at least one bandwidth piece is available; and
wherein the radio resources used to receive or transmit the data transmission exclude one or more radio resources that map to at least a portion of at least one guard band located between two bandwidth pieces.