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Contention window adjustment mechanisms for FELAA systems
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1. An apparatus of a user equipment (UE) to operate in a License Assisted Access (LAA) network, comprising:
radio frequency (RF) circuitry configured to communicate with the LAA network; and
one or more baseband processors communicatively coupled to the RF circuitry and configured to perform operations, comprising:
performing a Category 4 (Cat-4) Listen Before Talk (LBT) uplink (UL) transmission in the LAA network;
transmitting autonomous UL (AUL) uplink control information (UCI) to the LAA network, the AUL UCI comprising a joint indication indicating both a remaining number of subframes to be used by the CAT-4 LBT UL transmission and a length of a remaining maximum channel occupancy time (MCOT);
when neither an UL grant nor an AUL downlink feedback indicator (DFI) is received after N subframes have elapsed since a first subframe of the Cat-4 LBT uplink transmission, increasing a value of a contention window size (CWS) of all priority classes at the UE to a next higher value; and
when the UL grant is received and a new data indicator (NDI) bit for an active hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) processes of a hybrid automatic repeat request identity (HARQ_ID) reference (HARQ_ID_ref) is not toggled, updating the CWS and redrawing a counter value.