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Selection of time-domain resource allocation tables
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1. A method performed by a wireless device for determining a time-domain resource allocation, the method comprising:
receiving from a network node a downlink control information, DCI, that schedules a downlink transmission;
detecting a Radio Network Temporary Identifier, RNTI, used in the scheduling of the downlink transmission;
selecting a time-domain resource allocation table from multiple different time-domain resource allocation tables based on the detected RNTI, wherein each of the different time domain resource allocation tables is defined by a plurality of entries that specify different combinations of starting orthogonal frequency division multiplexing, OFDM, symbol and duration in OFDM symbols for a time-domain resource allocation; and
determining a time-domain resource allocation for the downlink transmission based on a time-domain resource allocation field in the DCI, the time-domain resource allocation field indicating an entry within the selected time-domain resource allocation table.